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Find out what companies have been visiting your website and turn unknown visits into hot business leads with Up Your Rank


Lead Forensics Dashboard
Every company that has ever launched a website has wondered:
  • Who is finding my site?
  • What are they looking for when they come?
  • Are they visiting just once or coming back to us again and again?
  • Are they an existing customer or someone new?
  • How can I convert all these clicks into sales?
Tools like Google Analytics track clicks. They can tell you what some anonymous person using a computer somewhere clicked on.  But they can’t tell you who that person is, what they probably wanted, or how to get back to them in order to offer help. Google Analytics, like most traffic tracking services, is just an interaction between computers, not a conversation between buyers and sellers . . .
Lead Forensics is a new breed of web traffic analysis solutions that drills down to the information sales and marketing professionals really want from their website.  Unlike its competitors, Lead Forensics:
  • Tracks clicks back to their source, logging not just the IP number of a website visitor, or the time and date they  visited, but by their company name, phone number, URL (website address), address, industry sector and more.
  • The service can tell you when someone has visited your site several times in the last day, week or month, and it can also show you what they’ve looked at on each of those occasions.
  • This service can, on demand, provide real world contact information  for website visitors who have never logged in or purchased anything.
How is this possible ?
Because unlike Google Analytics and its last-generation competitors, Lead Forensics doesn’t just depend on log tracking & pattern recognition tools, it augments that mechanical analysis with human intelligence and insight.
Lead Forensics uses experienced data analysts to monitor web traffic for client sites 24/7. These analysts back track visitors who come to a business site over and over again, investigating IP addresses and available data collected on the site to determine who is visiting the site and what they want.
This level of human intervention in web-based transactions turns a visit to a website into something like a visit to a bricks and mortar store.  Just as sales professionals in the real world will notice when someone comes to visit three or four times in the same weeks, Lead Forensics  customers will detect that a web visitor has come back to the same page on multiple occasions.
Someone who has visited the FAQ page for a product twenty times looking for “Help with Installation” is someone who probably needs technical support. A customer who has placed the same four items in a shopping cart three times probably needs questions answered in order to close the sale. Lead Forensics simply provides the data businesses need to close the gap between their company and their customers.
This high level of customer support, not surprisingly, translates into more sales and higher levels of customer satisfaction.
Lead Forensics also provides some rather unexpected, and rather valuable, adjunct services to their customers:
  • Lead Forensics can almost always identify the origin of ad-related clicks. This means that they can detect whether the ads are actually capturing the kind of traffic a company wants. If not, the data collected can help a company’s management team adjust their efforts to achieve greater success in their sales and marketing efforts.
  • Lead Forensics can identify competitors who are trying to use up an enterprise’s ad budget by clicking ads with no interest or intention to purchase.
  • Lead Forensics can also be used to vet the value of a product even before it has been produced.  If a company runs ads describing various features of a product or service in development, or runs ads for competing versions of a product, the clicks they receive can be tracked back to the customers they come from. This allows the market’s response to drive product development from early in the design process. More initial customer input into a product usually translates into increased sales of that product subsequently.
Surprisingly, the Lead Forensics service is cost effective enough to be used by startups and small businesses, and yet is also robust enough, and scalable enough, to support fortune 100 companies.
Case studies, available to interested parties on demand, show that appropriate use of Lead Forensics data results in more effective marketing, lower costs per sale, and increased sales over all.
If your business needs to derive more value from its web traffic, visit, or call 0207 206 7293 and ask to speak to the Client Management team to discuss how the service can support your business objectives. You can email Lead Forensics with any questions at if you prefer.
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