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Achieve Better Search Rankings in Northampton with Up Your Rank

Do you want more business through your website? Are you grappling with a SEO Northampton-based SEO campaign?

You’re in luck! Up Your Rank offers tailored solutions to everything SEO-related.

You’ve probably ended up here because we’ve fine-tuned Google to recommend us to you. There’s a good reason for this: we’re a mature SEO company with the expertise, experience and knowhow to provide tailored solutions to Northampton-based SEO issues.

Many of our current clients are the locally known names you see around town – or will at least have heard of. They span all kinds of industries but they’ve got a few things in common: they’re all topping the rankings on Google for the Northampton area and their businesses are certainly benefitting from it. Take a look at our testimonials…

Many companies and organisations across Northampton are delighted with our services. Perhaps it’s because we constantly strive to stay customer-focused and provide a decent ROI (Return On Investment). We aim to achieve tangible results and commandeer SEO-driven campaigns at an extremely competitive price. Our services are also flexible and can be customised to suit your particular business or industry.

Lifting Your Northampton SEO Rankings

As SEO becomes an ever-increasing factor in business success, there’s been a proliferation of start-ups. But we’ve been at this from the start and we stay at the forefront of every new development in this rapidly emerging sector. This link to the search term ‘northampton SEO’ demonstrates our effectiveness. We are Number 1, beating all other SEO companies in Northampton.

We can fine-tune everything from ‘long tail keyword’ optimisation – often the best way to score quick organic rankings, rapid ROI (Return On Investment) and increasing order/conversions – to link building, onsite SEO and optimisation conversion.

Up Your Rank Love Northampton

Here at up your rank we are passionate about Northampton and the business local to the area that server it. Since we started in 2006 a lot seems to of changed around town and some might say it is now unrecognisable.

Fortunately, Northampton has not lost any of it old charm and is still steeped with history. The local counsel seems to have done a lot recently to highlight the areas from past but adding modem twist.

We now have redefined the areas of the once shoe and boot quarter and of cause the famous cultural quarter in Derngate where our respected theaters frequent. The town itself continues to sprawl as more buildings are created and more people move here and at the same time our football and rugby clubs just get better and better.

Year on year there seem to be more events happening in our town and Northampton university just keeps getting bigger and bigger bringing students from all around the world to us. We really have got a lot to be grateful for.

An influx of new business

Due to our central location in the UK, quick roads to London and Birmingham as well on the arrival of Northampton’s controversial new train station local businesses are now not only expanding but more than ever are setting up shop her, without any sign of stopping.

Why are we telling you this?

Due to our passion for Northampton and the new businesses that are starting to thrive here, Up Your Rank would like to help buy supporting small to medium enterprises that need help online with SEO and online marketing.

As you already know SEO can really grow your business with one of the most impressive return of investment imaginable it’s not something to ignore. SEO is not as expensive as you might thing and unlike traditional marketing it’s totally traceable so for every pound you spend we can tell you how much you have made back.

Free SEO advice for Northampton

With this in mind we would like to offer free help those company’s old and new to Northampton, but especially starts ups, no matter what your sector.


For a short time we will be offering free online advice in the form of initial two hour consultation to all who ask, and those who qualify can expect their first month’s online marketing package for free, so you get a taste of the results before making the commitment.

What we are offering

We have loads to offer from local SEO packages, eCommerce solutions as well as full service internet marketing and PR solutions, so get in touch to day to find out about our packages terms and conditions and if your local business in Northampton town qualifies.

Why Up Your Rank Suits You

You may be wondering: how does an effective SEO campaign bring me more business in an environment as competitive as Northampton?

We gauge the success of our campaigns by scientifically measuring how much additional business we have generated for you. Of course, we’ll focus on staying on-point. But if we need to, we’re only too glad to adapt to suit changing market conditions or new industry developments.

Up Your Rank is here to generate enquiries for your company, increase your sales and help you convert more business in Northampton and surrounding areas.

Please feel free to drop us a line at

Let make Northampton’s business stronger and better together!


We have now extended our SEO services to other locations to find out more please visit our Milton Keynes SEO office

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