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Up Your Rank Love Northampton

Here at up your rank we are passionate about Northampton and the business local to the area that server it. Since we started in 2006 a lot seems to of changed around town and some might say it is now unrecognisable.

Fortunately Northampton has not lost any of it old charm and is still steeped with history. The local counsel seems to have done a lot recently to highlight the areas from past but adding modem twist.

We now have redefined the areas of the once shoe and boot quarter and of cause the famous cultural quarter in Derngate where our respected theaters frequent. The town itself continues to sprawl as more buildings are created and more people move here and at the same time our football and rugby clubs just get better and better.

Year on year there seem to be more events happening in our town and Northampton university just keeps getting bigger and bigger bringing students from all around the world to us. We really have got a lot to be grateful for.

An influx of new business

Due to our central location in the UK, quick roads to London and Birmingham as well on the arrival of Northampton’s controversial new train station local businesses are now not only expanding but more than ever are setting up shop her, without any sign of stopping.

Why are we telling you this?

Due to our passion for Northampton and the new businesses that are starting to thrive here, Up Your Rank would like to help buy supporting small to medium enterprises that need help online with SEO and online marketing.

As you already know SEO can really grow your business with one of the most impressive return of investment imaginable it’s not something to ignore. SEO is not as expensive as you might thing and unlike traditional marketing it’s totally traceable so for every pound you spend we can tell you how much you have made back.

Free SEO advice for Northampton

With this in mind we would like to offer free help those company’s old and new to Northampton, but especially starts ups, no matter what your sector.


For a short time we will be offering free online advice in the form of initial two hour consultation to all who ask, and those who qualify can expect their first month’s online marketing package for free, so you get a taste of the results before making the commitment.

What we are offering

We have loads to offer from local SEO packages, eCommerce solutions as well as full service internet marketing and PR solutions, so get in touch to day to find out about our packages terms and conditions and if your local business in Northampton town qualifies.

Let make Northampton’s business stronger and better together!



Optimise your website with us and ensure the best possible outcome and a guaranteed return on investment.



Website and logo design has become second nature to us and we work very differently to the rest.


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For instant online leads and customers driving high ROI we have a wealth of experience.


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Got an idea you want to see made happen or your website not working quite right?


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Additional Online Marketing

The services we provide at Up Your Rank are tried and tested over many years but have adapted to become some of the most cutting edge on the web so whether it is promoting YouTube videos or running tightly placed PPC campaigns to SEO and web design we have got it covered and will provide your business with a dominant web presence it deserves.

All our projects are treated separately and are managed so by our account management team but can still be flawlessly stitched together by all our departments working together for truly unique online marketing or digital package.


Content Managment Systems

Whether it is a simple update to the website or just the need to update information regularly. No need to pay hourly rates or wait with our latest selection of website editing solutions you are now just one click away form a self sufficient website.

We can provide test platforms for you to try before you buy and provide ongoing support (or we can just do it for you).

insight and Analytics

Customer Experience and Conversion Optimasation

Getting lots of visitors but no sales is frustrating at best, this would be just one potential scenario where we can help. We can help your visitors convert to clients and spend more while on the website. If it is calls you need we can make them happen to.

As well as all this we can package up some detailed reporting providing some detailed insight to what people really think when visiting you website. Its important we give your web site users what they need for maximum results.


Due to the way we work and communicate with our clients and because we take time to understand and ‘love their business like them we become a valued extension of their own team. Our customers are happy, benefiting form a tailored approach to return on investment via digital marketing.

Our Client’s website users are some of the happiest on the web through us delivering a targeted audience via a range of unique strategies through multiple online channels.

We have achieved success for multiple business verticals and charity sectors for all our possible digital offerings

Some of our current clients include;

Website design, E-commerce and user experiance
Access Cards


User experiace, SEO Consultancy and Hosting
Clear Cloud Services


International Association of Horticultural Producers


SEO, User experience and Analytics
Rectory Farm


High end SEO and Reporting
Staffords Accountants


Web Design, CMS, Development and Hosting
Ted Clark


Hosting and User Experience
Wysing Arts Centre



We are a small team of highly skilled experienced SEO's in Northampton and online fanatics. Full of experience and ideas WE work together in unison for the good of your business. We are all client facing being both proactive and responsive to our customers’ needs.

Every team member is capable of presenting technical digital solutions in a clear way you and your business can clearly understand.

Finally, we can integrate ourselves with in house functions or any other external parties you use to help support online marketing activities


Mark Stroud

Founder and SEO

Long time internet enthusiast. Started off in SEO in 2004 when it was about keywords, today he prefers to focus on growing businesses online for our clients.



Head of Development

Our resident techno expert and visionary. Mitko makes things happen for us. Likes to build websites for fun.


Katrina Shinhmar

Client Services

Organised, efficient, quick to respond. Katrina is a key reason why our customer stay with us. Likes to juice!


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